Bangalore Telephone Directory Search Online

Here is the searchable Bangalore telephone directory from Bangalore Telecom. You can search the directory in various ways. For example:

  • Search using name: This will give you telephone number and address of the person you are searching for.
  • Search using telephone number: This will let you know whose telephone number it is.

This directory search facility is provided by Bangalore Telecom. Please visit their website for more details.

63 Comments on “Bangalore Telephone Directory Search Online”

  1. Interesting. I just searched my name and thank god, there a lots of Kavithas around ;).
    But nice facility it is, if numbers are regularly updated.

  2. Not working. I tried with many diff peoples names and phone numbers. Not a single one gave any result. bsnl must improve this facility.

  3. They should take out the option “Search by NAme”. what if , we just know the address & in whose name is the telephone?? cos we never know in whose name it will be..!!!

    1. Give me all details of your friend.. may be I can search some information from other places…

      this phone number search only works if you know on whose name the phone was registered…

  4. The online telephone directory is pathetic. I tried searching for Prakash (Starting/Anywhere/Exactly) and it says no results found.

  5. Im trying to get the number of my old friend but the site says could not connect to DB. Anybody out there know any other better site from where i can get the mobile number by name without having to spend money.

    1. Swetha, this page shows details as available by Bangalore Telecom. So only landline numbers i guess.

      Plus, getting information from a mobile number is not possible due to privacy issues. No company release this information without a court notice or police request. Hope that makes sense.

  6. I’m trying to get the number of my old friend Sudeendra & Ramesha sons of Shri KG Shamanna & Vimala Aunty the site could not get their numbers. If u come across this please get in touch with me. Thank U

  7. I have a number of an old friend from 2000. numbers have changed to 8 digis. 333747. what is to be added? can anyone help? number belonged to C.Govindan

  8. After getting the search results, I’m able to view only Page 1. There’s no option to go to the next page. Should it be opened in any particular browser?

  9. BSNL directory service is crap like any other online service from bsnl. They are the same in the name of largest telecom provider of India. BSNL should be privatized immediately to save India and India’s image in the world.

  10. iam searching for my friend sujatha shetty who studied in kannada sangha high school, chennai. her father name is mr k gopala shetty. cn any one try to help me pl. we are going to form an alumini association.

  11. Dear Admin, I am not able to find the landline number of the person who is residing in Kengeri Railwaysparellel line who name is panchakshari H, he is a retired HOD from SJP colleage, can you please find me the number. thanking you

  12. Desperately looking for someone called Santosh Raj who used to live in Hutchin’s Road, St. Thomas Town, Bangalore. It’s been more than 25 years. Will I ever be able tofind him?

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  14. I search a lot a guy name Nihar in the directory bt i didn’t found..!!
    They need to update those directories.

  15. Telephone directory is nothing but the database of the Telephone call lists…
    Now a days all are using Mobiles…Hence its rear to search the Telephone directory online….!!

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