Finding Latest Aadhaar Enrolment Centers

Frustrated searching for a genuine Aadhaar enrolment center in Bangalore and getting bogus names and locations on map? Moreover, most of the Aadhaar Kendras listed in Government websites do not function and there’s no way to contact them and get a meaningful answer. Here’re a few tips tried and tested by us in a similar situation.

UIDAI Aadhaar Enrolment Center Finder

A search will show you numerous websites claiming to have the list of Aadhaar Enrolment centers. In reality, most of those websites just show you data from the government portals and are no better. You can search that in the websites listed below.

Getting Aadhaar Enrolment done at a Government center

I know it’s frustrating, as with most other things in a Government office in Bangalore. You end up waiting for a token from 7am or earlier, and then there will be endless queue. On top of that, staff behavior is always reported as pathetic. Nobody follows rule; or tries to be helpful.

Find your nearest Government center for Aadhaar Enrolment. Do try the PIN CODE based search:
Click Here for Government Aadhaar Center Location Search

However, this is one option if you have enough time to spare (waste!) and are mentally ready for the harassment. Look at some reviews on the center (usually BangaloreOne centers) on Google and prepare for the battle. Better, have someone nearby collect a token for you and you can go at a later approximate time for your turn to get serviced.

It’s really a 5 minutes job for the actual enrolment; mismanagement by Government is behind the chaos.

Private Aadhaar Centers in Bangalore

Stay away! Central Government has decided to restrict private enrolment centers and most of those are now non-operative. However, we’ve heard about cases where private enrolment centers are continuing the business as usual and taking fees for the service as well. As expected, applications end up getting rejected. Do not waste your time and money. Instead, look at recent reviews and try to contact the private Aadhaar Kendra before visiting.

Get Aadhaar Card done at a Bank Branch

Use this link to find Aadhaar Enrolment camps in Bank premises. It’s highly likely that you will find one nearby. You don’t need to be that bank’s customer for this service. Banks are required to set up Aadhaar Camps in at least 10% of their branches.

Search for an Aadhaar Center in a nearby Bank or Post Office: Best to use nearby PIN CODES and search. In most cases, the location names are found misspelt and you may not get any result at all. Do look at the last updated date in the result. If it’s recent, there’s high probability that it’s active.

Click Here for Bank/Post Office Aadhaar Center Location Search

The negative side is: Not many of these counters are found operational. Banks seem to be just taking the system for a ride by keeping an empty desk marked as Aadhaar Enrolment Desk.

Best Bet, Wait if you can!

If you’re eager to take some risk, just wait until this mad rush is over. I’m pretty sure the deadlines for Aadhaar linking will keep changing until there’s a near 100% coverage. Until then let the mar rush subdue; and get your Aadhaar card done leisurely. What do you think?

39 Comments on “Finding Latest Aadhaar Enrolment Centers”

  1. All places are same. They issue 50 tokens where as 200 people are in line from 7am! And actual work starts at 10am or so. Evrn if you get a token, you can never be sure if your turn comes at 11 or at 2pm.. so it’s a shame that linking is made mandatory by a deadline.

  2. It’s not that simple. Everything related to Government has a component of bribery in it. Recently I visited Aaadhaar enrolment center in Syndicate bank Jayanagar. The aadhaar counter person has devised a cunning way of extracting money from people. (I think it’s the case in most addhaar card centers in bengaluru). He says he had issued 25 token at 930AM and let others go away. This was a pre-planned scheme for bribery. I was waiting there with my token for about 1 hour and I noticed the person was behaving very slow between calling token numbers.

    Each person took less than 10 minutes for the whole enrolment process. And he was taking next token number after an hour! In between, he was entertaining people without tokens by first scaring them to come next day and stand in queue for a token. Then he again was asking them to wait and he would try to accommodate them in-between people with tokens. He made it appear as if he was doing a favour to the people and then asked for tips/money.

    I did not even see 10 people with tokens. He still kept fooling around with others, asking to come next day morning and collect tokens. I felt even the bank staff are involved in this practice. At least one person was brought in by the bank staff and got enrolment done while others were waiting.

    So, don’t believe the fake hype about huge rush at the enrolment centers. The token process is just an excuse to ask people for money, for a system that’s advertised to be FREE! Such a shame!

    1. These centers were run by private agencies and they used to ask money [100-200 rupees I think] for each enrollment. They still have not left the habit of asking for tip… ha ha ha :D
      Regardless of all that, it’s pathetic to see elderly people running to these so called AADHAAR SEVA KENDRA and falling prey to this.

  3. Soon post offices will start offerring aadhaar services all over the country. With india’s bursting population, there will still be rush most of the times.

  4. Nowadays aadhaar card is mandatory for every official work like an identity, so if you didn’t make aadhaar till now just contact your nearby aadhaar enrollment center and get it done as soon as possible..!!

  5. Still, the government didn’t provide aadhaar enrollment center in some part of India ..!!
    The government should take the necessary step to provide a center in those rural places.

  6. Aadhaar card is mandatory for every official purpose so if you didn’t make till now just contact near by aadhaar enrollment center and fixed an appointment ..!!

  7. You can enroll aadhaar card in any of your nearby places just by checking in google..!!
    If you didn’t made aadhaar card till now just made it as fast as possible cause it is needed every official use..!!

  8. I have aadhaar card but I was not that much familiar with aadhaar card details
    Thanks for sharing this information which have increase my knowledge..!!

  9. Aadhaar Card is mandatory for every person whether the person is working or not. its an identity for everyone to be an Indian . if anyone didn’t made aadhaar card then just go and made it first as soon as possible…!!!!

  10. Aadhar Card is Mandatory for all the Citizens of India. Aadhar is the Basic Identity. Anyone who has not yet enrolled, can enroll for Aadhar at nearest Post Office or by applying through online .

  11. Though Aadhar Card registration going on from quite a lot time, But still the mistake updates and new enrollment is still a difficult task, Enrollment centers are still not widely spread, for minor updates also people have face lot of hectic situation. It takes a full working hour in queues, Peoples are taking leaves from their work for get this done. Hope to see improvements in this segment soon.

  12. Aadhar Card is compulsory for each and every one, as a Citizen of India. Updating Aadhar takes more time, Hence needed more Aadhar help line centers for aadhar enrollment.

  13. for everyone, adhaar card is important because its an identity of person..if anyone dont have adhaar card then make it as soon as possible.

  14. thanks for sharing this information about aadhaar.
    Even till now many people doesn’t aware aadhaar thanks for sharing this information..!!

  15. Aadhaar card is mandatory for everyone. if anyone have not apply for aadhaar card then apply for it as soon as possible.

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