The Truth About Tigers: Movie Screening

Truth About Tigers
Truth About Tigers

Greetings at the onset!

The mention of the word ‘tiger’ strings various chords in our minds like- wild, fear, majestic, beautiful, India’s national animal and even William Blake’s poem ‘The Tyger’….and the list goes on. While the tiger has definitely carved a distinct niche for itself in the jungle of our thoughts also (I mean besides the forests), how many of us are informed about the drastic downsizing population of the India’s Tigers and the reasons leading to the extinction of the ‘big cat’ causing severe imbalance in the ecosystem.

In is an attempt to bridge the knowledge-gap (initial step to a revolution), a few committed environmentalist are donning an educative role and narrating the story of the Indian Tigers titled, ‘THE TRUTH ABOUT TIGERS’ via visual-medium of communication. Details of this thought-provoking documentary film below my signature for your reference.

THE TRUTH ABOUT TIGERS -A film by Shekar Dattatri, Duration: 40 minutes

Screening on Friday 23rd April at 7:30pm at Alliance Française Bangalore. The screening will be followed by an interactive Q&A with renowned tiger scientist Dr. Ullas Karanth and Shekar Dattatri.

The tiger, India’s National Animal, is disappearing at an alarming rate from our forests. Government estimates reveal that there may be fewer than 1500 left. Why have India’s tigers declined so drastically? What exactly are the problems facing their conservation? And are there any solutions to the crisis? These and many other questions are answered succinctly in ‘The Truth about Tigers’, an educational documentary by award-winning wildlife and conservation filmmaker, Shekar Dattatri. The film also provides useful pointers on how ordinary citizens can contribute towards saving the tiger.

Two years in the making, the film combines stunning footage shot by some of the world’s leading cinematographers with deep insights from experts such as renowned tiger biologist Dr. Ullas Karanth of the Wildlife Conservation Society, and wildlife crime fighter, Belinda Wright of the Wildlife Protection Society of India. This unique film takes one through the tiger’s life, from birth to death, and illustrates how different human activities impact the conservation of this great predator. Internationally acclaimed actor, Roshan Seth, provides the narration, and one of Britain’s top documentary composers, David Mitcham has contributed to the music score. For more details visit:
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By: Salma Khan

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  1. Tiger is the National animal. The government should take proper step to protect them..!!
    Tiger is our country pride….!!

  2. great article..!!
    everyone should have information about their national animal..!!
    this is very informative post…!!!

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