Revyv- The Woman in You, One day health and beauty workshop

revyv- the woman in you
revyv- the woman in you

Revyv- The Woman in You is one day health and beauty workshop designed to equip women with the knowledge that leads to a better presentation of self. This event, ideated based on the common dilemmas faced by today’s women while preparing themselves to present to the external world.

This workshop offers covers the 5 important aspects for a woman’s overall image and health viz., skin care, hair care, makeup, diet and fitness. Experts from the respective field will address the participants and walk the participants through all the questions they may have on these areas.

The discerning corporate culture has made the woman today more conscious about how she presents herself. Now with the economic freedom the woman enjoys, the innate interest to look and feel great is within realms of every woman. Her look out for avenues that improve her image is made possible by Revyv.

Revyv, aims to provides the perfect solution, transcending limitations presented by lack of options in grooming education and prohibitive cost of specialist consultants. Revyv, presents a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with the experts who can help analyze and create customized regimes. This is besides learning and applying various aspects that go into a well-groomed image- leading to increased confidence, improved social skills, and a positive persona.

Venue: Hotel Ramada [Near Indian Express Circle]

Date: Sept 18, 2010

Timings: 11:00 AM- 4:00 PM

Ticket Pricing: INR 1500

For more information on speakers, topics, giveaways and discounts, you can log onto: or call 9844841838

By: Sheetal B

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