My review of Grameen Restaurant, Bangalore

Name: Gramin.(some say Grameen though)
Location: Raheja Arcade, Koramangala, Bangalore. Just 100 meters from The Forum Mall.
Type: Pure vegetarian . Jain food (No garlic, no onion option also available)

Gramin Restaurant Bangalore
Gramin Restaurant Bangalore

My Experience:

This is one of the few best value restaurant I know of in Bangalore. It feeds you what it charges. No wonder, it’s crowded and offer discounts on “take away”(but I guess that’s only in weekends).

Menu at Gramin
Menu at Gramin

Gramin is a must for North Indian family, preferring veg food.
Must to those techies, whose family come for a week or so, just to get flavour of Bangalore.


It offers usual Indian food, with more inclination towards taste of North India. Naan, Paneer, Gobi, Lassi, Rice, Daal etc. are there in the menu. So you can guess what else would be there.
Must have: Jal-jeera. :)


8/10 based on food I had on two different occasions. For middle class vegetarian like me, it’s best I can get and afford in Bangalore.


Meal for two: Rs 400


7/10. It’s bit packed and congested. Not a lot of breathing space. But still it’s well maintained and of course, hygienic.


7/10. Mixed reaction. Obviously better than service provided in other Bangalore restaurants, but still they need to be taught on term “Hospitality” :)

Value for Money?

For me in Bangalore, this is 9/10. So that sounds like a Yes!


Written By Omprakash

chemnitr @ Bangalore Forum

41 Comments on “My review of Grameen Restaurant, Bangalore”

    1. Yes, I completely agree…food inclination is very much towrds North. So people with SI tongue may get disappoint. But, its good, at least there is some good restaurant catering to Norht Indians. And bangalore has a good NI population to cater to;-)

      But its value for money is no doubt better than any Bangalore restaurant.

      1. Nah man. The food at gramin is purely what you get in Rajasthan side. And did you notice you do not get much “vegetables” in the vegetarian food. ;)

  1. Veekes and Thomas is the cool Italian restaurant in Bangalore, the latest addition is their new stores opened up in J. P. Nagar 7th Phase, near Brigade Palmsprings apartment few months back.

  2. I have been to this place ..!!
    They really serve a awesome food with good customer service…
    People those who are veg. will love this place.

  3. i visited this place with my friends and this restro is very good and infrastructure is attracted.
    awesome experience it was..!!

  4. I visited this place a lot of times with my friends and this restro is very good and the infrastructure is attracted. Awesome experience it was..!!

  5. Very old review. Currently there’s nothing great about this restaurant. I think the genuineness of North Indian food is no longer there in Gramin.

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