FruitDay Fruit Bouquet Launched in Bangalore

How about giving a fresh…sweet…unique…mmm-loving fruit bouquets to your loved and dear ones. Certainly true, this is whole new experience. FruitDay fruit bouquets must be a satisfying experience for the cost you pay for the bouquets.
These are tagged for special occasion like women’s day, valentine’s days, birthdays, wedding, thank you gifts, congratulations and business related used such as client gifts and appreciations.

FruitDay bouquets are made by fresh premium fruits like strawberries, pineapple, melons, oranges, apples, kiwi and much more, with toppings like chocolate and nuts arranged in varieties of display. All the bouquets come in a hand woven cane baskets; or ceramic/plastic containers. Look at the shots below:

Each bouquet is made to order and the order should be placed at least one day before the delivery. These bouquets are made in hygiene conditions and are delivered in closed packing. FruitDay currently delivers the bouquets at free of cost within central parts of the city. Customers soon can pick up their ordered bouquets free of cost from the pick up centers.

FruitDay bouquets come in several designs and ranges in price from approximately 599/- to over 999/-. As an inaugural offer they are offering 10% discount on all their bouquet verities. Customers who wish to get the unique experience and delight their loved ones can call +91 9980070016, +91 9535233781 for home/office delivery.

About Fruitday:

Fruitday co-founder Roopa Sridhar, a Bangalore based homemaker has come up with this new concept and unique gifting ideas. Fruitday started its operations this year and launching their products this valentine’s day.
Their production facility is nearby Indiranagar and very shortly they are opening store in the heart of the city.
Have a fruitday…

By: Satish

+91 9980070016, +91 9535233781

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  1. Nice concept… great gift for occasions…
    @Saroj Nath: I think he will package it well, shipped in safe cartons for fresh delivery. Right Satish?

  2. Hey!! Nice Concept
    I wanted to get in touch with you with regard to a story that we are writing about startups at Our readers would love to know about your startup and your journey as a founder.
    Let me know if we can connect

  3. looks like an awesome concept..!!
    but if the travel will be long then it will be recieved as same or not..!!!!

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