Help for transfer of car from Assam to Karnataka

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Help for transfer of car from Assam to Karnataka

Post by jtmahanta » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:23 pm

I hv recently reallocated to Bangalore and m planing to bring the car that i hv purchased and registered in Guwahati Assam, and have a few doubts regarding same and seek help.

1. I m staying at L.B. Shastry Nagar, near HAL Old airport road (rented accomodation) . Which RTO in Bangalore i hv to visit? I understand there are 3 RTO offices in Bangalore.

2. Is it sufficient to do (a) alone or (a)+(b) alone or (a)+(b)+(c) as below:
(a) pay the Life Time Tax only, or
(b) submit the intimation of migration of vehicle (Form KMV-27), or
(c) mandatory get a Karnataka Registration no.

Guys, pls advice on same with your experiences & regarding the strictness of rules in & around Bangalore.

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