Telecom Protocol testing training and Placement centre

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Telecom Protocol testing training and Placement centre

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Visit us :

We are a team of few aspiring minds who had worked extensively in telecom domain for the past 7-10 years. We were excellent performers in telecom domain and had worked for various technologies and with various companies. Having got lot of experience and exposure in this domain, we had started getting a sense that there are not many quality human resources available out there in the market to fulfill the rapidly growing industry requirements. After so much of brainstorming internally and with various HR teams across industry, we firmly understood the necessity of trained individuals for this domain. So our individual paths had crossed @ Tcloud when we decided to establish high quality training centre for telecom domain.

Course :

C1: A Course on Telecommunication.
C2: Advanced Telecommunication Protocol – Testing
C3: Advanced Telecommunication Protocol – Development

Services We provide :

--> Corporate Training
--> Consulting
--> Seminars

Why TCloud?

* Trainers at our center have 7 to 10years of solid industry experience in all aspects of Telecom product Design, Development and Quality assurance.
* Students will be trained on Telecom protocols, Scripting and given assignments on a project which will equip them to handle any projects independently.
* Sophisticated lab facilities for simulating real time testing/development scenarios, which is open to practice all through the day
* Having Experience over years in corporate trainings, we understand what the industry needs from a candidate to meet the current market competence. This may not be the case with regular trainers who posses only the bookish knowledge.
* We have derived our curriculum in keeping the Industry needs in mind and this is best appreciated by the corporate sector for its relevance and comprehensiveness
* Our Post training activities like Technical group discussions, Resume drafting, Mock interviews, latest industry trends & updates… would make our candidates fetch a key differentiator in the Industry.

Contact Us:

Address : #32, Muthappa Block, RT nagar, Banglaore - 32.
Phone # 9611252566
Land Mark: Behind the National Institute of Management Excellence campus.
Just 400m from the Mekhri circle.

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Re: Telecom Protocol testing training and Placement centre

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Hi All,

TCLOUD conducts a seminar session on 07-08-2010.

How does u get benefited out of this seminar?

• You can understand the current trends and future growth of telecom in software industry.
• Job opportunities in Telecom domain
• To understand the depth of the training curriculum and know about trainers
• Will get a birds-eye view on the training program
• Tcloud’s facility & Infrastructure
• Interaction session

Those who are Interested to attend, Please send a mail to and confirm your presence.

For More details call us : 9611252566
Visit us :


Re: Telecom Protocol testing training and Placement centre

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Greetings from TCLOUD I.T Pvt Ltd.

a bright future is waiting for you as a PROTOCOL TESTER.........

I AM BET , no one will provide you training on LTE & TTCN3 training other than TCLOUD ,

We are giving the training on ADVANCED TELECOM PROTOCOL(UMTS & LTE) TESTING and DEVELOPMENT ,ON-LINE training facility is also available...........

Trainer have 10+ years of real time experience and doing corporate training's with WIPRO and IBM ..........

we r covering end to end in telecommunications. Apart from Corporate Training Giving Training to WHO HAVE 2+ YEARS Of experience in RF ENGG, OSS/BSS/NSS SWITCH ENGG, O & M ENGG, PLANING ENGG, COMMISSIONING ENGG, INSTALLATION ENGG, NETWORKING ENGG, TECHNICAL SUPPORTED ENGG,network optimization ENGG, GSM / GPRS DEVELOPERS/ TESTERS,etc.................

we are starting with Basic OSI ,TCP/IP (Because LTE(4G) Based on IP Transport),GSM,GPRS {till with in 2 weeks},major concentration on UMTS & LTE [each and every protocol in UMTS & LTE, right now the job market is on umts & lte ,Example: UMTS HANDSET PROTOCOL TESTING, CONFORMENCE TESTING,REGRESSION TESTING,LTE INTERFACE TESTING, LTE PROTOCOL TESTING ], 2 days back 1 got placed in SAMSUNG with 7 lacpa, 1 got placed in ARICENT with 6.8 laCpa, where ever you go you will defiantly find a TCLOUD STUDENT OVER THERE.

COURSE DURATION is 3 months( why because lot of portion( each and every protocol) and u will be equalent to 3 to 5years of experince),friendly suggetion that dont look at duration time try to get more and more, y because in companies you will never get the cfhance to work on each and every protocol, they will give you 1 or 2 protocols only............

COURSE FEES: 30,000 /-

if u want to attend the demo class please be ready on morning 7.30 am. all the students were employees from different companies like NSN ,RELIANCE, HUWAI etc... those have to go there offices, class will be upto 9'o clock..........

Pls find the above attachment of syllabus copy of T-CLOUD INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES.If u want to attend on-line training class or want to take training in HYDERBAD, just call us on +91 9666921555/ 9666941555.

Thanks & Best Regards

#8-3-214/A/1, Second Floor,Opp. South Indian Bank,
Srinivasa Nagar Colony west,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad -500038.
PH: +91-40-66023399 / 98 MOB: +91-9666921555/ 9666941555

Building a knowledge cloud for Telecommunication world.
Part 1 Overview on Telecommunications
1.1 History of communication systems
1.2 Analog and Digital Modulation and Multiple Access Techniques - understanding DSP and more
1.3 Digital Cellular technology Evolution
1.4 General Cellular standards and principles
1.5 Limitations and Impairments of each generation
1.6 General Netwrok architechtures - OSI (TCP/IP)

Part 2 Principles of GSM / GPRS Technology - 2G / 2.5G
2.1 Cellular principles
2.2 Enhancement & Integration over existing 1G system:
2.3 GSM Network Architecture
-> Functional roles of Network Elements -> UE, BTS, BSC, MSC, HLR/VLR…
2.4 Air interface channel structure
2.5 Interfaces and Protocols
2.6 Call Processing: Message and signaling flow
2.7 Handover Scenarios
2.8 General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)
-> Data on Wireless, Network Architecture, PDCP Context, Signaling Procedure, GPRS Protocols
2.9 Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE)
2.10 CDMA 2000

Part 3 Principles of UMTS Technology - 3G & HSPA
3.1 Generation migration from 2G 2.5G to 3G
3.2 UMTS Services and Applications
3.3 Air Interface and spectrum allocation for 3G system
-> Spreading, Scrambling, Channelization, Modulation techniques, Protocol Architecture
-> Channel types
3.4 UTRAN System Architecture & Interfaces
-> Functional roles of Network Elements -> UE, Node-B, RNC, CN-CS, CN-PS
-> Interface and Protocols -> Uu, IUB, IUR, IU-CS, IU-PS, RRC, RLC, MAC, PDCP,
3.5 Call Processing: Message and Signaling flows (AMR, DATA, SMS…)
3.6 Handover Scenarios
3.7 High Speed Packet Access (HSDPA, HSUPA)
3.8 Detailed view of 3GPP standards R99, R5, R6, R7, R8

Part 4 Long Term Evolution (LTE) - Principles of 4G Technology
4.1 Improvements from 3G and changes with respect to 3G Radio network.
4.2 LTE Architecture, Network elements E-UTRAN,MME,S-GW,PDN-GW,SAE-GW,ENB,PCRF,HSS
4.3 LTE protocol architecture, services and applications
4.5 LTE Interfaces LTE-Uu,X2, S1-U, S1-MME, S5/S8,S11,S6a,Gx,S7,Gxc,Rx,SGi,S3,S4,S6d,Gn,Gi,S12
4.6 AIR Interface in LTE - OFDMA & SC-FDMA
4.7 AIR Interface in LTE - MIMO, DC ...
4.8 LTE CM, MM procedures & Call Sequences.
4.9 LTE Integration with IMS, HSS.

Part 5 VOIP, SIP, IMS and OSS (Billing)
5.1 Introduction to VOIP
5.2 H.323 Network Architecture and Protocols
5.3 Media Gateway Control Protocol
5.4 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
-> Network Architecture -> Call Processing -> SDP
5.5 IP Multimedia Sub system (IMS)
5.6 VOIP Quality of Service
5.7 Kenan billing system

Part 6 Testing Tools & Scripting Languages
6.1 Protocol Debugging Tools: Wireshark, NetHawk Analyzer
6.2 Simulators: Catapult, Ubenetics, N2-MSC Simulator,
6.3 Fault management Tools
6.4 Configuration Management Tools: SVN, CVS, Clear case…
6.5 LINUX Basics, LINUX administration
6.6 Scripting Languages: TTCN-3, PERL, EXPECT, Shell.

Part 7 Testing Methodologies
7.1 Understanding the various stages of STLC
7.2 Types of Testing
--> Black Box, White Box, Unit, Integration, Functional, Capacity & Performance,
Load, Smoke, Regression, Sanity, Acceptance, Stress testing.
7.3 Software Quality Assurance Process
7.4 Requirement Analysis, Test strategy Planning, Test Development, Test Execution,
Defect reporting…
7.5 Test tracking tool: Quality Centre.
7.6. Agile development and Scrum methodology.
7.7 3GPP Test specifications - deriving test cases from 3GPP test specifications.

Part 8 Aptitude and reasoning (for fresher’s only)
8.1 Quantitative Aptitude
8.2 Logical Reasoning`

Part 9 Practical and Hands on
9.1 LAB Exercise
9.2 Tools Hands – On
9.3 Protocol Log Analysis and Debugging
9.4 3GPP (3G & 4G) Specification exercises.

Part 10 Post Training Activities
10.1 Written tests
10.2 Resume Drafting
10.3 Technical Group Discussions
10.4 Technical Seminars
10.5 Mock Interviews
10.6 Placement Assistance

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Re: Telecom Protocol testing training and Placement centre

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i m shubha.I want to do telecom protocol testing course.Which is the best training centre at bangalore according to placement?will my telecom exp help me to get a good job after finishing of this course?pls help me.waiting for ur valuable rpl....
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Re: Telecom Protocol testing training and Placement centre

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I'm a O&M engineer with 3.5 years experience. I've interested know about telecom protocol testing course. Which is the best training centre at bangalore according to placement? Will my telecom exp help me to get a good job after finishing of this course? Pls help me. Waiting for ur valuable rpl....

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