Is The Milk We Drink Really safe?

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Is The Milk We Drink Really safe?

Post by Mayank » Wed Jul 06, 2016 5:30 pm

India is one of the largest consumer and producer of milk. But is the milk really safe? There is a lot of news going in the market about various adulterations taking place in the milk. I would just like to shed light on this issue and on what going wrong. There are lot of drugs being injected in the cow or given to the cows in various ways. Hygiene also is another issue. given below are a few issues :

Oxytocin: ( Its a hormone which is also called Happy chemical)
This is one of the dangerous problem that Indian dairy facing today. For a cow or a buffalo to give milk they have to release oxytocin by natural with stimulation. This is also how buffalo milk has become dangerous today. Normally the cows stimulate very quick for the human touch but difficult for buffalos and thats how there is no way for a buffalo farmer to milk it if he don't have calf, normally the male calfs are sold for meat and widely oxytocin injections are used to replace. When you inject oxytocin they produce more 1-2 lts of extra milk, but the animal should go with serious health problems later. (The cost of this injection is just Rs.3 which will pay them Rs.40 to 50) This is basically used for some treatment.
Now when these animals injected with the oxytocin are milked the oxytocin come along with the milk. When ever a children drink this milk they effect with many hormonal disorders which we are already seeing today.
As humans cows also get sick and they are treated with antibiotics. The cows which are treated with antibiotics their milk should be drained as you can't avoid milking. In fact this milk is not even given to the calfs. These cows milk has to be separated for min 10 days. Which you will never see in our conventional practise.
So when ever we consume milk with antibiotics we develop resistance towards that, and when we get sick the simple antibiotics don't work and thats how we see the pharmaceutical growth in india is 18%.
This is something you should count. If you see the cows always sit on their udder and her tits always exposed to the soil. If farmers are not worried about the hygiene and sanitation where the cows are lying the tits get infection which is called mastitis. When ever these infected cows are milked the puss and blood cells which is also come along with the milk. These cells are called somatic cells.This is what causes the cancer. Most of the cows in India are with Mastitis, and there were never treated.

This is just a small glimpse on what is going wrong intros country. A food that is consumed widely is not safe!!!! Its high time to look into this and change our habits!

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Re: Is The Milk We Drink Really safe?

Post by shwetakapoor » Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:41 pm

I don't think the milk is good for human body. It is listed as one of the inflammatory food.

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