Any IT project managers around?

Need a job in the IT City? or may be want to switch-over? Request a referral from the esteemed members here.
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Any IT project managers around?

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Dear all,

I have been working as an IT project leader for the past 8 years and I’ve always greatly enjoyed helping other people overcome difficult situations and getting their own projects back on track. That’s why I decided to start my own research and develop a training program for aspiring or experienced project managers in IT. My mission is to help project managers be more effective, less stressed and live a happier life. My concept will focus on improving communication style and tactics, self organization and to become smarter in dealing with people.

I was wandering if any one of you would be interested to share his experience as a project manager with me? This would help me refine the curriculum and content of the course.

Feedback from the following groups would be particularly helpful:
- project manager with < 4 years of work experience in this role
- tech person / software developer switching to project management
- thinking about switching to IT project management

I'd like to talk to you on Skype (video, audio or chat, whatever you prefer), and all feedback will be treated confidentially. And don’t worry, we are not on television...

Maybe the discussion will lead to new insights which you can apply in your own projects!

Thank you and take care,


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