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Get professional floor cleaning service in Delhi, NCR

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:55 pm
by mariyajones2019
Best Floor Polishing Services in Delhi from SG Facility Services(having 22 + years of extensive experience in Floor Polishing & cleaning) for thorough floor cleaning, floor restoration, polished and buffed floors looking shiny and glossy, just as good as new.The flooring at office gets dirty, cracks, scratches over a period of time and if remain unchecked, it can lead to permanent damages. Floor Polishing not only cleans and removes all the deepest stains but also restores the mirror like and factory finish look of your floors. We provide you with the professional methods for polishing all kinds of floors – marble polishing, granite polishing, mosaic polishing, wood floor polishing and others.Book our Service just by calling at +91-9958-530-555 for further inquiries.