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Escorts Bangalore

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Female escorts in Bangalore

An independent escort should Infuse her life with a motivation within herself with a reality when this society had cursed ,hounded, imprisoned, and chained this noble profession it is nevertheless the greatest triumph of a women's willingness and commitment in pursuing her career as an independent escort.

We dedicate this article for all abusers in this escorting business and how women are abused my men and using them as machines for their egomaniacal and hoggish needs.

Most women are illiterates and bounded and bonded by carnivorous men who take advantage of situations and exploit the women in despair and the society has never peeked into this trade or attempted to conduct or formulate a fair trading practice that may benefit or prosper the women shedding and exuviating her life being an independent escort in Bangalore.

We are no where here trying to do justice in what we do or in what we preach nevertheless a world without paid sex will be a place of men hunting and preying on women and will be a forest with edacious and lusting man craving and hunting their preys.

Men had always been in a state of mind to conquer and trumpet in his life and his attitude to women is similar and his jubilance and joy will never be limited with one women and will yearn for more both in his personal or his business.

When a women had come to the state of mind of selling her body to meet her needs she is facing the ferocity and brutality of the society who are there to tear her apart for pursuing a career as an independent escort nevertheless more and more women are pursuing a job as as a call girl in Bangalore with a wish and hope of coming up in life.

The need of a women is endless and never had a women pursued her career as an escort in Bangalore for her luxury life style and always there are siblings or family members necessities she compromises her life in selling herself to meet the needs.

No women will be in a state of mind to pursue a career in prostitution with a full consent of her conciseness and is forced to animate her life in the field of escorting in order to meet her needs.

A women is designed by god to create life and a mother is blueprinted and devised by god to be a pool of ardor tenderness and passion and a mother love to her child is extortionate and so always makes a man to seek amenity with women and a women always oozes with unlimited tenderness and man soliciting a women is an end less routine in his life.

I have send my kids to school
The clothes to wash and iron for my man and kids
The dining area and and kitchen to be cleaned
The rice and groceries to to be purchased

The afternoon lunch for the kids
The school fees to be paid
The Bills pending for payment

Let the sun Shine on me with its mightiest !!
Let the rain shower me in full !!
Let the strongest and fiercest wind blow me !!

Let me fly in the sky !!
Till i cannot fly any more !!

The sun
The Rain
The wind
The star
The Moon
The sky

This all i can call as my own !!
Glow on me !!

Redeem me from being a women and an escort !!
Unhook my chains that are locked in this bondage of love !!

I want to fly !!
Fly endlessly !!
With no bondage of love that can melt me down

And i am an escort now !!
And i sell love !!
To feed my siblings !!

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