Fashion Show at Accenture C&HT Fest

Koramangala Indoor stadium was getting ready for the Valentine’s Day. Because Accenture planned to celebrate this day in a special way. The C&HT Fest had been organized by Accenture.

Fashion Show

Dance, music, drama, mad ads, fashion shows what and all. It was really a very good show. We reached the hall at 1:00 PM. There were tons of games to play around. We roamed around. We filled the Eye donation form on Valentine day and also got some forms to make our friends donate their eyes. Then we rushed to food court. Oops there were more than 2000 people! As we were hurrying for the biggest attracton, the fashion show, we couldn’t devote much time enjoying the food.

Fashion Show
Fashion Show at Koramangala Indoor Stadium
Accenture fashion Show
Accenture fashion Show

By: Tosif

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