Fake Currency Notes rumour and the fools in Bangalore

This is regarding the stupid rumour running through some petty shops in Bangalore and creating unnecessary nuisance. Some shops are not accepting Indian currency notes printed prior to 2012 and are also calling it “fake” or “counterfeit”. Those fools do not realize it’s a crime to deny accepting an authentic currency note. Further more, if you ask them why they think it’s fake, you can’t control your laughter/pity. They say the notes are missing the Rupee symbol. Hardly do they know the history of the symbol and that it came up in 2010 and got printed in notes in 2012 only.

Older design, NOT FAKE
Older design, NOT FAKE

Some of these fools also point out at difference in the designs which is the height of stupidity. Would a counterfeiter print a note and replace a tiger with a dinosaur? just an example.

New design, using the new Rupee symbol
New design, using the new Rupee symbol

Last Friday, when I tendered a Rs. 50/- note in a juice shop, he returned it saying it was FAKE! I immediately brought another from the wallet and he pointed out the differences. It was 11PM and I didn’t think much and gave him the note that seemed genuine to him.

Back at home, I checked Reserve Bank’s website and noticed the note without new rupee symbol is there on the website. In fact, they haven’t yet added the new currency photograph on the site. Well, I asked at Shanti Sagar restaurant and also at a nearby Petrol Bunk. They agreed, it’s a rumour and nothing to worry about.

Now, I’m not worrying about my currency note not being accepted in a petty juice shop. The worry is such foolishness exists in Bangalore, IT Hub of India. Can’t imagine the effect of similar rumours in villages and smaller towns. In fact, anyone promoting such rumour regarding currencies should be booked.

By: Sushanth


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  1. I had a similar experience in UdupiSagar southindian restaurant in BTM Gangothri circle. The owner of that shop used to say he was a bank employee many years back.. And today his illiterate staff pointed out at these notes calling these “fake”..

  2. In this link help which is the right rupees. It is true many fake notes are spreaded in India.


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  4. Hi, Now a days some shops are even not acxepting Rs 10 coins. People need more education and stop behaving like herd of sheep.

  5. Seriously they like to do whatever they want and even some shopkeeper don’t accept 10 rupees coins they will tell its not valid..!!

  6. This type of rumour about fake currency is spreading by some stupid shopkeepers who just want to create problem in society..!!

  7. Seriously they like to do whatever they want and even some shopkeeper don’t accept 10 rupees coins they will tell its not valid..!!

    1. Well, I’m talking about the ABC For technology training center. All I can see is you are spammers and nothing else. Go build some real reputation in training rather than spamming fake things.

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