Bangalore Two Shoes

“My Brat! Don’t you think you’re packing the whole house for yourself? Skip a few not needed.” Hmm Dad and you still din’t buy me new shoes. I have a flight to catch in no time.

That was me with my mind experiencing delirium; I was somewhat set to begin my new phase of life. A fresh graduate looking at the mirror thinking, Man! I’m too pretty to be an engineer.

As I dragged the luggage down the stairs I recalled if I had with me, my resume file, sun glasses, nail paints and so on…
Finally my last ten minutes arrived within the premises of my comfort zone. I hugged tight my mom, dadiji and my sweetheart brother. The thought of being away from family itself was overpowering my nostalgia.

I reached Bangalore in the evening. Everything was fixed from before, a posh place to stay, internet facility and my motives. What I knew about the place staying up in the north eastern part of the country was petite. “An IT hub where people work, earn and are independent” was my anytime impromptu naïve definition for it. But that was just the beginning of what I had to learn.

A kitchen and no cook, No car with no driver and mails lined up to attend interviews were making me realize that things have changed in no time. What I needed was reconcilement and an emotional equilibrium.

I am lazy but not weak. My dad has the strongest daughter! He has to be proud. This feeling became my food for thought. I jotted down things I needed to know, from tea making to Volvo bus numbers.

When life starts making us learn it does till we reach near perfection. There were times I faced rejections, lost ways, walked kilometers, made mistakes, felt impatient, lost hopes.

There was a stretch of monotony that made me wish for serendipity. There were no miracles but there came new friends, new opportunities and inspirations. I wasn’t the best but I learnt how to be the best. For me Bangalore is more than what I can ever tell anyone because it whispered me who I am.

Today it’s a bit cold outside and drizzling. It’s my birthday. I am sitting beside my window watching the leaves stride with every touch of breeze. My dad couriered me my birthday present. A new pair of shoes. That is exactly what I need in my run. And now when I see my reflection in the glass pane I know,

I am more than an engineer!

Richa Gupta

By: Richa


41 Comments on “Bangalore Two Shoes”

  1. Lost hope, rejections.. were you talking about a job hunt in bangalore?

    Atleast you had “Everything was fixed from before, a posh place to stay..” :)
    Most others who come here don’t get any prior arrangements made for them. The struggle is always tough though. Nice post. keep it up!

  2. I have tried to portray the big change in my life style, things i had to face and accept which i wasn’t used to before. I agree many ppl have a lot more to face,hats off to them.. but its entirely a piece from my life’s journey.
    thnk u

  3. Awesome! Must read for all freshers who, almost, lose hope after having to wait in long queues and being said ‘no’ before even getting a chance for interview.

    1. Natasha Posted on Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry you are in pain, it’s very very dilficuft. Try to stay positive and move forward. Peace and blessings, Natasha

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  6. Thanks for sharing your experience..!!
    It’s really tough to be a fresher in Bangalore you have to struggle a lot in a beginning
    if you didn’t get placed from your college..!!

  7. Thanks Richa for sharing this valuable article.
    By reading this post i can feel your soul is as beautiful as you..!!

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