The City of Bangalore is situated 949 metres (3113 feet) above sea level. Due to this high elevation, Bangalore city enjoys moderate climate throughout the year. April, usually is the warmest month with a temperature range of 33.5 degree C to 21.3 degree C. On the other hand, winter is at peak during January with a temperature range of 25.6 degree C to 15.2 degree C. Usually people do not feel the need of air-coolers or fans unless there are occasional heat waves in summer. All through the year you would need warm blanket at night. The city appears to have naturally been centrally air-conditioned. Casual rains are very frequent and the summers are warm. Winters in Bangalore are not very cold. In fact, no weather go extreme in Bangalore.

Best time to visit Bangalore:

You can visit the city any time of the year and enjoy the pleasant climate. However, it is not advisable to to travel in the rainy season which mainly lasts between July and September. Also you would enjoy occassional showers while visiting Bangalore in the winter.

Bangalore Climate

Bangalore Climate Chart

With explosion of IT industry, the bangalore city is growing into a concrete city and thereby inviting climate changes. Moderate to high temperature has been recorded in summer in recent years. The maximum temperature is summer has been 37 degree celcious while the minimum temperature dropped to 20°C. Maximum temperature in winter has been recorded as 27 degree celcious and the minimum as sub 17 degrees.

The monsoons begin in July and carry on till September. Bangalore receives rainfall from both the northeast and the southwest monsoons. August, September and October are the wettest months and hence carrying an umbrella would be a wise. Winter also experiences occasional rainfalls in Bangalore.

Overall, Bangalore city has a pleasant climate. The natural greenery and man-made parks of the city add to the attaction along with the climate.

Live Bangalore Weather Forecast:

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