BangalAmerica: Documentary Film on Bangalore, India

This film is produced by Matt Fillmore & Siddarth Selvaraj

In January, 2008, two students from Gustavus Adolphus College traveled to Bangalore, India.
Their goal: to produce a film exploring the consequences of a relentless series of American influences on the lifestyle, culture and identity of the inhabitants of Bangalore city.
What they were confronted with was a myriad of conflicting opinions across various generations of the cities residents.

Raised at a time when control by the British over the region was still fresh in people’s minds, the older generation tended to view influences by the United States as the new wave of economic neo-colonization of the region. However, the younger generation, more inundated by these influences via the media, have adopted this culture as part of their own and see it as an essential part of their identity as the next generation of Indian leaders.

From the media to romantic relationships, the outsourcing culture to night life, watch these opinions clash as we explore the true identity of BangalAmerica.

Siddarth Selvaraj

By: Siddarth Selvaraj

Boston University

37 Comments on “BangalAmerica: Documentary Film on Bangalore, India”

  1. The IT people you have interviewed in this documentary is a small subset of the whole community. Most of the IT employees find it hard with increased cost of living in Bengaluru. Let alone indulging in drugs etc. Salaries of a lot of employees in the IT industry is in the same range (and lower) as of teachers and other professionals.
    It’s a community of highly paid people in IT, hotel business or others, who are responsible for this irreversible bad change in Namma Bengaluru.

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