Adventure Bheemeshwari

Looking for a quiet trek amid nature not far from Bangalore? Then pack your bags and head to Bheemeshwari for a walk in the wild. Travel about 100 km from Bangalore on the Kanakpura-Kollegal highway, detour into the muddy track running along the River Cauvery and head to this exotic, nature-kissed locale called Bheemeshwari.
Bheemeswari Scenery
Dotted with comfortable jungle lodges and ayurvedic spas that set the tone for a date with nature, Bheemeshwari offers an exhilarating trekking experience. A walk in the wild from Bheemeshwari to Chellure Hill, up Basavana Betta, is any nature lover’s delight!

Lose yourself in the wild

Kickstart your 7.5-km mesmerizing circuitous walk in the wild at Bheemeshwari from the elephant camp. Lose yourself to the beauty of its wilderness for your trek trail at Bheemeshwari runs nearly parallel to the Cauvery most of the way. So while you walk through the thickets sharpening your senses to spot as many animals and birds as you can here, the river gives you company murmuring from the foothills all the way!
Bheemeshwari Adventure
It’s one to enjoy the wilderness of Bheemeshwari during the day, either trekking or mountain biking. It’s another to camp in the jungles under a star-spangled sky and walk through the serpentine trek paths to sight the nightlife of Bheemeshwari under the silvery moonlight seeping through the leaves. While jackals may cross your path unawares, glimpse nocturnal creatures quenching their thirst along the river and bats fly swishing past your ear as you deftly duck them and walk through the wild in Bheemeshwari at night.

More to Bheemeshwari’s wild beauty

If just a walk in the wild at Bheemeshwari isn’t enough to satiate your hunger for adventure, then you should go white water rafting in the Cauvery for nature to reveal some of its exotic secrets only for your eyes! Go zipping down the river at high speeds in some places, and simply float in other spots enjoying your date with nature at Bheemeshwari.

For those who prefer a quieter sail in the river, get into coracles and cross the crocodile and Mahasheer infested river, reveling in the pure natural beauty of Bheemeshwari! All you nature photographers, get into a coracle up the course of the river at Bheemeshwari and keep the shutter clicking away at elephants drinking water at the foothills along with other animals, and birds coming flying to the water surface to deftly catch fish, while you sail down the river in style. And there’s even more… zip-line across the hills of Basavana Betta or cross them on Burma Loops. After all, walking high above the wild in Bheemeshwari is an experience of a lifetime! Whoo, can there be a better hideout than Bheemeshwari with Thrillophilia!

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  1. Nice place Bheemeswari is. If there is lot’s of crowd in that ares, you can plan a trip to Dodamakkali quite close to Bheemeswari fishing camp. There are some short-stay cottages and good arrangement for food, trkking, and enjoy river cauveri with life jackets and carackel boats.

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  6. Its really look like amazing places to visit, can you please update which is the best time to visit this places..!!

  7. I would like to go for a tracking in this places with my friends…!!
    It seems like the place is full of natural beauty.

  8. This is what called natural beauty..!!
    Once i went there it was fully greenery filled with lots of trees…!!
    I enjoyed a lot with my friends even i did tracking.

  9. Wow what a wonderful post..!!
    I would like to visit this places in my vaccation
    Mainly because of tracking n enjoying the feel of natural beauty

  10. Bheemeshwari is beautiful place which is located near Bangalore, which is calm and quiet spot,attracts people who want to get away from the maddening crowd, wonderful place…

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